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L Normal Plastic Zipper (5B)

L Normal Plastic Zipper (5B)

SKU: 0004


Usage: Children's clothing, overalls, riding bags, fleece jackets, etc.

Type of zipper: Normal plastic zipper

Width: 5,80-6,20mm

Height: 2,80-3,00mm

Previous name: 5B-1 (round puller) and 5B-2 (straight puller)

Brand: 5HA, 5HI, Kanhwa, s5s, Opti, Salmi 66, THC 5VS, YBS / YKK 5VSi


We always recommend to messure your zipper, to make sure it is the right size and it fits within the messurements above. You messure the width in milimeter, over a closed zipper edge to edge over the teeth. Then you messure the height of the zipper in milimeter; the thickness of the zipper. 

Look under instructions anf FAQ for more details. 

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